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Chinese Luck

Chinese Luck

There are many great ancient superstitions and beliefs that can affect Chinese luck, which is the most important of all when you are gambling. It has been known to make or break bets – when the conditions do not seem favourable, it is common for Chinese players to simply walk away!

There are associations made with every number in Chinese, which you may find affects the betting habits of lucky gamblers. The number eight is associated with fortune or wealth, so this is a popular choice on the roulette wheel, and eighty-eight resembles the Chinese characters which stand for “double joy”. This is considered a very auspicious number. Bad luck can come from numbers too – the number four in Chinese sounds very similar to the word meaning death, so it is definitely to be avoided. A businessman who was gambling in Las Vegas once won the exact figure of $4,444 – but he refused to collect his winnings, believing that it would bring terrible luck and possibly even his death if he did so. If he had doubled his winnings to $8,888, it would have been considered the best possible luck and something to be seriously celebrated!

Colours also have special significance in Chinese superstition and Chinese luck. Red is used as a colour of great luck and has huge symbolic importance, so it is common to find Chinese people putting large amounts of money on red at roulette. They may also choose to wear a red item of clothing or carry a red charm while they gamble, in order to increase their luck or feel more confident that their bets will pay off. They might be more attracted to slots machines with red designs, particularly if the current jackpot involves an eight! Black signifies bad fortune as the opposite to red, particularly amongst the older generation, so poker players may feel uncomfortable if they are facing a hand full of spades or clubs.

Yarrow and tortoiseshell are considered to be very lucky, so it is not unusual to see lucky charms made out of or containing these materials. It is certainly more hygienic than carrying a lucky rabbit’s foot and yarrow can even be used to enhance a button hole or decorate a woman’s hair for the maximum effect in style as well as luck!

There is a quaint ritual that Chinese people also use to make sure they will do well on their casino visit. Starting with the day of the new moon, if you draw the symbol for money on the palm of your hand each morning for fifteen straight days, it is said that you will receive a windfall three days after the full moon. It can be a great idea to plan your casino visit around this, making sure that you go there on the appointed day of your financial success!

With so many ways to get hold of Chinese luck it can be easy to go overboard, so why not try one of these superstitions at a time? To play casino games now, why don’t you try one of the China online casinos advertised on this website? They are safe and secure to play at and they have awesome bonuses for new players.